Delighted Customers, Faster and Simpler Settlements, and More Accurate Claim Settlement Costs

Insurance professionals who select soft contents restoration through Esporta Certified Operators benefit from having delighted policyholders, faster and simpler claim settlements, and more accurate claim settlement costs. 

We are so confident that this will be a successful program for your organization that we are proud to offer a 100% no risk guarantee.  Never cash out soft contents until restoration by an Esporta Certified Operator has been attempted.  Typically, 85% of the soft contents and laundry that is considered non-restorable by restoration dry cleaners can be restored by an Esporta Certified Operator.   If the policyholder doesn't accept the restored goods there is no charge for the cleaning.


Delighted Policyholders

Certified Operators of the Esporta Wash System restore an average of 85% of the soft contents and laundry that are considered non-restorable by restoration cleaners using traditional washing machines.  The use of this patented technology means that policyholders get back more of there cherished possessions after they have experienced a disaster.  This includes getting back more of their highly sentimental items such as a children's favourite stuffed animals and blankets, family heirloom quilts, and wedding dresses.  

Results from the J.D. Power & Associates study "How Homeowners Really Feel" show that policyholder's customer service index ratings decrease if a restoration dry cleaner is hired in addition to the restoration contractor because an additional service provider is brought into the mix.  As the number of service providers increase, the claim satisfaction index rating decreases.  Since most Esporta Certified Operators are full service contractors they will eliminate the need for hiring a separate restoration cleaner.  This means happier policyholders - and that's something that we can all feel good about.

Faster and Simpler Claim Settlements

Esporta Certified Operators complete soft contents claims in an average of just five days.  That's 16 days faster than the industry average for closing a contents claim.  By expediting the process of inventorying, collecting, restoring, finishing, and packaging soft contents, Esporta Certified Operators help insurance professionals close claims faster.  This significantly faster service is possible because Esporta Certified Operators are often the first responders so the process starts sooner.  Plus, the Esporta Wash System has a washing capacity significantly greater than the traditional washing machines commonly used by other contents restorers.  And, when using the Esporta Wash System for restoring smoke damaged goods, ozone treatment isn't required, which saves days in processing time. 

More Accurate Claim Settlements

Restoring more (way more) soft contents than any other process results in more accurate claim settlement costs because insurers are no longer left to cash out soft contents and laundry that can actually be successfully restored.  Cleaning costs represent just a small fraction of the replacement cost of those goods so the overall cost of closing the claim is reduced significantly. And the adjuster is not put into the  position of negotiating replacement costs of hundreds of items with the homeowner.


And It's Environmentally Friendly to Boot.  Pun Intended.

Restoring the impossible

Restoring the impossible

Esporta Certified Operators can help your insurance company meet it's environmental sustainability goals.  We keep soft contents and laundry from unnecessarily being sent to the landfill by restoring rather than replacing.  Since the Esporta Wash System is wet wash technology that uses biodegradable detergents and organic disinfectants, the harsh chemicals that are used by restoration dry cleaners aren't necessary.  All of this is great for the workers in our processing plants and awesome for our environment.

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