Safely Restoring Your Belongings

If you've recently been impacted by a flood or a fire, you're probably here looking to learn more about the process that is being used to restore your soft contents and laundry.  We understand that these items are the closest things to you.  Figuratively nd literally.  So, it's important that they are restored with care and that they are left clean and contaminant free.

The technology that your restoration company is using to restore your soft contents is called the Esporta Wash System.  The Esporta Wash System is capable of decontaminating soft contents from all categories of flooding - including sewage and can restore the damage caused by smoke and soot from a fire.  The decontamination efficacy (this means how well it removes the contaminants) has been validated by numerous third party laboratory tests performed by leading hygienists, universities, and industry consultants. 

Esporta Wash System Operators are required to complete a comprehensive training and certification program and must be re-certified on an annual basis to ensure that they have the necessary competencies to safely and effectively restore soft contents.  For your peace of mind, always ask to see your cleaning technician's valid Esporta Wash System Operator Certification.

The items being cleaned are held in place and then rotated through the cleaning solution.

The items being cleaned are held in place and then rotated through the cleaning solution.

A Patented and Proprietary
leaning Process

he  Esporta Wash System is definitely not your mother's washing machine.  Rather than items tumbling around inside the wash drum, they are held in place and pushed through the cleaning solution. This limits the amount of agitation, which means that you can clean items that you wouldn't think of putting in a regular washing machine.  As the washing cage rotates, the detergents and organic disinfectants that have been designed specifically for use in the Esporta Wash System are hydraulically forced through the items that are being cleaned.  

Your restoration company is utilizing standardized wash programs in their Esporta Wash System.  These wash programs (we call them recipes) have been tested both in the laboratory and in the field so we know they work.


Verification of Decontamination Efficacy

In addition to the thousands of field tests which are performed by Esporta Certified Operators each year, there have been several independent laboratory studies which validate the decontamination efficacy (this means how well it cleans) of the Esporta Wash System.  The Esporta Certified Operators believe in - and practice evidence based marketing.  This mean's that all of our claims are supported by verified data.  Click each of the studies below to see the full reports.

Cleaning The Impossible.  You've Got To Check These Out!

Sometimes after you have experienced a fire or flood, it can be difficult to imagine that your belongings can actually be restored to pre-loss condition.  Here are some pictures of actual fire and water damaged items that have been successfully restored.  We hope this will help show you that it is possible.

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